Plastic fabrication is so much more than just welding, it's an art form that takes years to perfect

Aeromat Plastics fabrication capabilities range from simple to extraordinarily complex. We use a process that involves super-heating air to simultaneously heat the base material and weld bead - fusing them together permanently. From our extrusion welders, to our moisture free air pumps, we have custom tailored our equipment to provide the highest quality plastic fabrication in the industry.

One simple thing we take pride in is the beauty of our welds. We understand that cost and speed are king, but we take extreme care to ensure that our welds are the most aesthetically pleasing in the industry. This means that your product will look its best and perform precisely how you expect it to every single time.

Applications for plastic fabrication vary greatly. From on-site builds, to complex in house assembly of machined components. Rest easy knowing that we have seen it all before, and will have no issue meeting your needs.